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Batman: Guardian of Gotham

Trailer for Batman: Guardian of Gotham

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Game Description

Gotham needs you! Play as Batman in this thrilling action shooting game. Use Batarangs and Stun Batarangs to take down insane criminals and save Gotham City! Master the art of throwing Batarangs and distract groups of vicious thugs using your Stun Batarangs . Unleash devastating take downs by swooping in from the shadows in true Batman style. Battle against some of the most ruthless villians in Gotham City including Two Face and The Joker. Play through the Story mode to upgrade your Batsuit by gaining experince points to stop The Joker. Or play Crime Fighting mode to take control of the Caped Crusader and attempt to increase your score each time. Can you become the Guardian of Gotham?

Game information


Publisher: Glu

Genre: New Games Platform Games Movie Games B


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